Sunday, May 22, 2011


We continue to travel back & forth from our house to our apartment. Ava does a great job in the car, most of the time! I usually try to head out right around her nap time. We are looking to move to a smaller apartment in the same building. We would be able to save some money & we really don't need the size we currently have.

I can't believe that May is almost over. Where did it go? We celebrated my 40th (yikes) birthday & Mother's Day. For my birthday, the three of us went out to dinner at Bucca De Bepo. I love their food. It's quite kitchy as far as decor goes but it was fun. I got a free birthday dessert that was really good.  When they bring out the dessert, they of course sing. They also bring out a table-top candelabra!! That was embarrassing! Ava loved it & liked blowing out the candles.

We bought a new laptop! I love it but....we didn't even have it for a month when I dropped it. Yep, I broke it. Bad. The screen was broken. I cried. And cried. And cried.  Paul was not happy. Ava did my hair...with her new garden tools. It was not a good day. That goodness I am married to a computer geek. After taking with my brother, who had recently replaced a laptop screen. He told Paul about a site to buy a new screen. My wonderful husband replaced the screen & the computer is as good as new!!! Actually, it's better because he bought a nicer screen! Thank you, honey!!


R.B. said...

I think it is great that you are adopting. Would you be interested in writing a letter to moms considering abortions...letting them know that adoption IS a good and viable option? I recently went into a clinic and so many women choose abortion over adoption because they have a negative perception of adoption...maybe a simple letter would help? God Bless

Kiamae1975 said...

Hi, I found your blog just looking at different blogs and had to say congrats on your family through adoption. Our little girl is 20 months old and this coming Thursday will be our finalization of her adoption. We have had her since birth. We went through private adoption and everything went perfectly until about 3 months after our daughter was born. The birth mom had willingly given over her rights days after the birth and then three months later inherited a bunch of money and changed her mind. She caused a huge mess. It turned in to a huge court battle which we would do all over again if we had to. We were granted by the judge to keep our baby girl.
So this coming week our family will be legal and complete and we will have our little girl with our name, who has had our hearts since the day she was born.
Just had to share the news with another forever mom who might understand the excitement that we feel.
Ps. My husband used to work in Brainerd Minnesota last year or so ago. He's a computer geek too. :-)
Wishing you a happily ever after.