Sunday, May 22, 2011


We continue to travel back & forth from our house to our apartment. Ava does a great job in the car, most of the time! I usually try to head out right around her nap time. We are looking to move to a smaller apartment in the same building. We would be able to save some money & we really don't need the size we currently have.

I can't believe that May is almost over. Where did it go? We celebrated my 40th (yikes) birthday & Mother's Day. For my birthday, the three of us went out to dinner at Bucca De Bepo. I love their food. It's quite kitchy as far as decor goes but it was fun. I got a free birthday dessert that was really good.  When they bring out the dessert, they of course sing. They also bring out a table-top candelabra!! That was embarrassing! Ava loved it & liked blowing out the candles.

We bought a new laptop! I love it but....we didn't even have it for a month when I dropped it. Yep, I broke it. Bad. The screen was broken. I cried. And cried. And cried.  Paul was not happy. Ava did my hair...with her new garden tools. It was not a good day. That goodness I am married to a computer geek. After taking with my brother, who had recently replaced a laptop screen. He told Paul about a site to buy a new screen. My wonderful husband replaced the screen & the computer is as good as new!!! Actually, it's better because he bought a nicer screen! Thank you, honey!!