Tuesday, February 1, 2011

New Year, New goals

Since it has been forever since I posted again, my goal this year is to post more often. Feel free to remind me if I haven't posted in a while. :) I would love to post pictures as soon as I get them loaded on this computer.

We finally found a place to rent so Paul doesn't have to commute as long. He still drive 30 minutes but it's better than driving 2 hours! Ava & I try to get down there a couple nights a week to stay with him. Ava loves the "new house". Paul tries to come home one night during the week & he is home on weekends. It's not ideal, but it's what we have to do right now. It's kind of nice being at the apartment even though we have nothing in it yet. We sleep on an air mattress, Ava is in the pack n play, but is outgrowing it fast. We have one bar stool & a shelf. LOL I feel like college students starting out with nothing!! We don't have a TV or radio yet either. It's really nice not to have them. we can spend time as a family with each other without distractions. There is a TV in a community room that we can watch but we don't spend much time in there unless we want to use the WiFi. Ava loves being there in Friday mornings because they have fresh baked cookies!!!

Ava's birth mom was here last week. It was great to see Marlana again. We skype with her quite often so she we get to see her but having her here in person was better. I loved seeing her with Ava. They both just love each other. Every time Ava needed a new diaper, she wanted Marlana to change her. That was fine with me!! We didn't get to spend enough time with her since she also had family & friends to see.

Ava got a kitchen from Santa so we spend a lot of our time "cooking". We also spend a lot of time watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. She is growing more & more everyday. She is turning into a big girl, no longer the little girl we adopted. She sings for us & loves to dance. She LOVES to help Paul clean. I'm starting to think we should hire her out!!! She is still very much a daddies girl.

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